Anti-Aging Creams: When Should You Start Using Them and What Are the Necessary Elements to Look for

It is normal to have second thoughts on using anti-aging creams when you’re still at a young age, say in your 20s. So if you’re still part of this age bracket and are having doubts, you have the right to do so. Actually, you do not need to buy anti-aging skin products as early as this, as your skin still has the ability to repair itself automatically. In fact, using anti-ageing creams, especially the ones you do not know well, may only cause irritation and skin damage at the early stage.

What you need to focus on at this stage is proper care and prevention of unwanted wrinkles and other skin flaws like fine lines and dark circles. Especially the wrinkles around eyes. You can take good care of your skin by making sure that you use broad spectrum sunscreen, as we know how harmful UVB and UVA rays can be, not just on our health, but also on our looks.

Using the right products, or products that are recommended for your age and effective for you, is also important. In addition, think about starting good habits. If you’re not used to eating healthy foods, that is, eating more vegetables and less carbohydrates and junk foods, you should switch your habits now.

Alcohol, smoking and bad sleeping habits also aggravates unwanted skin appearances. Smoking is a great hindrance for your body to produce collagen. Therefore, wrinkling could be evident at an early age. Too much exposure to sun dries up the skin, even if you’re applying sunscreen, so it is still best to avoid sunlight at the peak of the afternoon (around 10-3 P.M.), and never go out without a sunscreen, especially on your face.

Signs of aging usually start to occur in your early 30s, but if you’ve taken good care of your skin well in younger years, you’ll have less wrinkles, and you’ll minimize loss of elasticity and dilated blood vessels. Using anti-aging products is recommended when you reach your late 30s. But when you start using anti-aging creams, be very careful and make sure that you get the best ingredients out of your chosen product.

Here are the necessary elements to look for in an anti-aging product:

L-ascorbic acid – collagen production is very important for skin elasticity for the skin to look young. Best known for boosting the immune system, L-ascorbic acid is a Vitamin C and an antioxidant that helps collagen build-up.

Retinol – Considered to be the most essential agent in anti-aging products, retinol is a more delicate version of retinoids, which is used to fight wrinkles on prescription. Retinol helps smooth out wrinkles, lighten dark spots and refine pores to enhance your skin texture.

Alpha Hydroxy acids – It is important to free your skin from any kind of clogging and dead skin cells to reveal a younger-looking skin. Also known as AHAs, Alpha Hydroxy acids are great exfoliators that slows aging. Like retinol also has the ability to smoothen wrinkles and brown spots.

Niacinamide – Niacinamide prevents skin pigmentation because of its Vitamin B3. It also enhances skin moisture and collagen to fight again sun damage. This is a very important ingredient to look for when considering buying anti-aging products.


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