The New York Knicks – Mike D’Antoni

knicksHello all you Knicks fans! How are you dong?

As you all know, Mike D’Antoni is the Knicks’ coach of the season. He is one of the innovating and creative coaches in basketball that i have ever known.

If you have also been following the basketball season, and Knicks specifically this year, you might have noticed how the Knicks have been playing. Quite nicely and creatively, they have been using the pick, roll and backdoor cut techniques to score their points.

For this technique, as you might have noticed, the point guard can be found near the top.with the point guard on top, the two guards are on the opposite side. The small forward is also on the opposite side spreading the floor. On the right side, you will find the power forward and then the taller player is in the center to take the rebounds and everything.

With the center player in the middle, there are a lot of options available to him. He can either pick left or right, depending on the situation of the game. His position and the way he plays greatly determines where the game is heading. That setup alone can tell if the game is heading your direction or not!

Also, as the game moved on, the point guard has many options about how to play. he has the ability and space to move/dribble around in various directions he like, before jump shooting. Or, he can pass the ball back  to the other players in the open.

With this method, or strategy, the only reason why it has worked so far is because all players are aware of what’s happening. If the players would not have been able to pick the intentions of other players, you won’t know what to do. With that said you won’t be able to score properly and win as many games.

Now we come to the backdoor cur. In this setup, the point guard is slightly above the three-pointer line. At the same time, the other two guards and small forward are set properly in the opposite corners for receiving the ball. So, what the backdoor does is that it messes with other player’s brain and affects their both defensive and offensive strategy. That confusion is what has been giving Knicks the advantage and that’s why it has been working this season.

What do you have to say about the Knicks this season? Do you think they are well prepared on their strategy to deal with other teams? Do let us know via the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to read about the Knicks.

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